Jan Philipp Albrecht2Minister Jan Phillipp Albrecht

Dear guests,

for the second time after 2008 Wittbek will be the center of the Continental Sheepdog Championship, ranging over four days from August 22th to August 25th 2019. Sheepdog Championships have a long-standing tradition, especially in Great Britain. Ever since the founding of the “Organizing Committee of the Continental Sheepdog Championship” (CCSC) these competitions, especially due to the yearly Championships, enjoy a growing popularity in most European countries.This year, more than 100 competitors from 18 countries will be participating in the championship, with countless spectators expected to come.

On behalf of the government of Schleswig-Holstein, I would like to warmly welcome all competitors and spectators from Germany and abroad. 

In many parts of the world shepherd dogs have mainly been used for guarding and protecting the sheep. The task of a sheepdog, however, is to help the shepherd move the sheep. Quite often they need to keep several hundred ewes and their lambs on specific pastures, drive them to the next grazing site, or guide them into a pen. 

It is these kinds of skills that the competing dogs will have to prove during the qualification rounds and in the grand final. They will have to fetch two groups of sheep, drive them through a course and eventually separate five marked sheep from the rest, then put those five into the pen.

Until the European Champion is finally determined, the spectators will surely have been impressed by the Border Collie's instinctive stock sense, by its speed and swiftness of reaction, and also by the special bond shared between handler and dog.

A special thanks goes to the hosts, sponsors and all helpers, be it out in front or in the background. Your engagement to organize this Continental Sheepdog Championship is deeply appreciated.

I wish all participants a fair competition under good conditions, and may the spectators experience an exciting weekend with interesting conversations, a variety of impressions and many new contacts.

Jan Phillipp Albrecht

Minister of Energy, Agriculture, Environment and Digitization of Schleswig-Holstein