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Continental Sheepdog Championship in Wittbek in Schleswig-Holstein from 22. - 25. August 2019. Experience live the fascination of the best working border collies of the European continent.

Short info

Entrance fee: 5 € per person & day
Free entrance for children under 12
Navi: Norden 2, 25872 Wittbek
Parking places are signposted
Food & drinks are offered
Dogs on a leash welcome
(Bring vaccination certificate "rabies")

Time of Competition:
Thu., Fri., Sat. Qualification: 8 am to 6 pm
Sunday Finals: 7.30am to 4pm
Afterwards award ceremony

zuschauer 3 Catering tent

The "Continental Sheepdog Championship", CSC for short, takes place here for the second time after 2008, in Osterwittbekfeld. 18 nations of the European continent are represented.
Where normally organic farmer Metzger-Petersen grows grass, on 50 hectares in the middle of nowhere, in August a "small" village for Border Collie people will be created with catering tent, shower cart, campsite, space for the supporting program ... and of course the big course.
From Thursday to Saturday the qualifying runs for the grand final on Sunday are on.
The organizer of the competition is the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Border Collie Deutschland e.V." (ABCD e.V.), an association affiliated to the International Sheep Dog Society. The aim of the ABCD e.V. is to preserve and promote the unique working characteristics of the Border Collie.

To see the Border Collie, a breed of dog originally from the Anglo-Scottish borderlands bred to work livestock, on their original purpose of working on sheep, is a unique experience. The instinctive feeling of this dog for the livestock, its speed, smoothness and - last but not least - the harmony between handler and dog make up the fascination of this work.

All pictures on this page: Martin Schulte / Bochum