Field and sheep

pic schafe1

pic schaefer2Shepherd Wolfgang Albertsen
"Google Earth" still shows nothing but a green patch between Wittbek and Ostenfeld. 50 hectares of meadow on the flat land in Schleswig-Holstein. Normally organic farmer Metzger-Petersen grows grass for his silo here. He will not mow in August. Because then exactly here the "Continental Sheepdog Championship" takes place.
lageplanBird's-eye view of Wittbek (Google Earth)

500 heavy meat sheep - Texel crossbreds - from Wolfgang Albertsen's flock are available for the competition. It is important for the shepherd from Ahrenviöl that all handlers and dogs find the same conditions at the Continental Sheepdog Championship. Therefore, each of the sheep groups will run only once, each team will get "fresh sheep".


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